About Martin Stringer

Martin Stringer

I'm a photographer & filmmaker. I love music & nature & it's my passion to capture these amazing moments in our lives which can be kept for eternity. I aim to showcase the beauty of nature to inspire others to help be the guardians for our mother earth.

I love adventure whether it is exploring forests with my camera or flying over the ocean filming epic rugged coastlines with my drone. My work has taken me from one of the most biodiverse and oldest continuously evolving rainforests in the world (The Daintree Rainforest) to some of the most carbon-dense forests (Central Highlands, Victoria) in the world with the Tallest Flowering Trees in the world (Mountain Ash) then to remote villages in Nepal where we filmed the Sustainable Action for Nepal Documentary.

My images are available as fine art prints all around the world.

Please contact me so we can connect. I would love to hear from you.